I believe learning never stops. My promise to you is that I will always keep up with the latest changes and use science based methods along with my experience. 

Below are some of the courses and seminars I have attended:

Clicker Expo Conference 2019

A weekend of animal training with Educating animals  2019

Woof Conference 2019

Arousal and problematic behaviors with Craig Ogilvie 

Impulse control with the IMDT

30 days of Canine Science with The School of Canine science 

Rescue dog to Super Dog with The School of Canine science 

Unadoptables with The School of Canine science 

TTouch (3 day workshop) with Sarah Fisher at Tilly farm

Dog to human aggression with the IMDT

Creating compliance in non compliant clients with the IMDT 

Canine aggression and rehabilitation with the IMDT

Injecting fun into classes with IMDT (Happy Dogs)